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terms & Conditions

Totally Netball provides its service to you, subject to the following Terms & Conditions (“T&C”).


When a team, player, umpire, coordinator or group registers with Totally Netball, either via phone, online, email or post, they are forming a contract subject to these terms and conditions with Totally Netball and are committing to the duration/remainder of at least a single season.


Each team and individual shall always be asked if they want to register into the next/new season. Exit of a league can only take place at the end of the season. The duration of the League varies from league to league depending on the number of teams participating.


A team enters for an entire season so if a team requires to leave at any point during the season that team may still be liable for the remaining match fees.


The team captain is responsible for all participants playing in the team and all payments/arrears and communications. By entering a team, the captain agrees to this responsibility. In the instance of a team being formed and the individual accepts captaincy the above will still apply.


Totally Netball reserves the right to refuse entry or exclude any participant, team or organisation from its league/competition without giving a reason.


Each player is required to register before playing their first game with Totally Netball. A player registers once only and is not required to register at the start of each season. It is the Captain’s responsibility to ensure that all players abide by the rules and are registered with Totally Netball. There is no limit on the number of players you register. Any players that wish to join a team once the season has started needs to be registered also. Participant must be 16 years of age or older.

It is the captains responsibility to ensure that any new players joining their team are registered.
If a player takes the court and is not registered then that team will forfeit that match 15-0.

If a team continually field non-registered players then there will be a further penalisation and potential banning from the league.

By registering with Totally Netball players agree to the Terms & Conditions related to participating within the leagues. Therefore, registering is essential before playing.


Players that wish to become a member with Totally Netball will need to read the Terms & Conditions relating to membership.


No item of jewellery, except a wedding ring and/or medical alert bracelet, shall be worn. If worn they must be taped. No adornment that may endanger player safety shall be worn. Players must wear suitable clothes and training shoes. Shoe laces must be securely tied before a game. Time allowances will not be given at any point for someone to tie their shoe laces.

Health & Safety

Participants/Spectators agree to take full responsibility for any injuries that may occur. Totally Netball does not accept liability for any injuries and/or death and all participants play with full knowledge and acceptance of the risks involved. All players play at their own risk and are responsible and advised to take out their personal injury insurance. No responsibility can be taken for any loss or damage to personal property.


Participants agree and acknowledge; Totally Netball does not own or have exclusive occupation of any premises used; has little or no control in respect of persons entering the premises (including surroundings and other netball courts) and no control as to how the premises are used and left before/after competitions.


Team Captains are fully responsible for making sure the conditions are safe for their team, if the Captain feels the environment is not safe to play in which could include misconduct, dangers, violence, or similar, then they must advise Totally Netball immediately.


All players should ensure their nails are short and smooth before taking the court. This is at the discretion of the umpire. Nails that are deemed too long may result in you not being able to play.

Fees / Absences

Only in extreme circumstances will Totally Netball need to change match times. These changes will be posted on FB and Captains WhatsApp Group. We ask all teams to regularly check Facebook for any changes.


Each team will be required to provide their own umpire for the match and pay them the agreed hourly rate.


In the event that a team is unable to provide an umpire Totally Netball will help in sourcing an umpire for the required matches. Team captains are responsible for communicating if an umpire needs to be sourced. In this instance the team will still be responsible for the funding of the umpire at the agreed hourly rate.


The match fees are determined by Totally Netball and can be subject to change.


If a team is not able to attend a fixture, a 15-0 win is awarded. The forfeiting team will be charged a forfeit fee.


Forfeit fee is £45 – this is subject to change and is expected to be paid before your next game.


Website pictures may not always be the actual pitches you will be playing on, they are for display purposes only.


By registering to play in Totally Netball, the captain agrees to abide by the rules of the league and will ensure the team is aware of and abide by these rules.


Totally Netball may take photos of players, umpires, teams and/or coordinators at any stage during the leagues. These images may be used for display online and for use in marketing material. Totally Netball owns the rights to these pictures and permission is needed to use these pictures elsewhere. Teams or players must specify when they join the league if they do not want their pictures displayed.


This contract shall be governed by English Law and shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Liability / Breach

Please note that Totally Netball does not provide any insurance cover for teams with regard to personal injury. We strongly advise that you seek your own insurance prior to joining a league or playing a match.


Totally Netball cannot be held responsible for personal injuries and strongly recommend that teams take out their own insurance policies to cover such eventualities.


Totally Netball will not be held responsible/liable for any loss or damage for performance of Totally Netball obligations, or anything outside of Totally Netball control.


Without prejudice to the generality of our terms and conditions; Totally Netball will not be liable for negligence or negligent of anyone carrying out work for our company, has no liability for any losses, personal injury or death.


This contract shall be governed by English Law and shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the English Courts.


All umpires’ decisions are final. Intimidation of umpires will not be tolerated and will result in further action being taken by the league, up to and including expulsion of offending players and teams from the league.


Totally Netball reserve the right to ban or expel any player or team from the league or take any other disciplinary action as it deems appropriate.


Any team knowingly fielding a suspended player will forfeit that game 15-0 and will be liable for the oppositions match fee.


Please direct all your complaints through to our complaints form

Please do not use WhatsApp as a tool to raise concerns - these should be directed through the complaints form.


If a complaint or concern needs raising please can the complaint come through the captain/vice captain of the team. If individuals from teams raise a complaint we will refer them back to their captain or vice captain.


If there is a complaint that relates to an individual that cannot be raised by the captain or vice captain then this needs to be done so through


All complaints will be investigated thoroughly via the captains, umpires, coordinators, coaches and, if necessary, other participants.

Once the investigation is complete we will then communicate the outcome or resolution to all involved.


Women are increasingly seeking to continue their participation in sports, such as netball, throughout their pregnancy. Accordingly, these pregnancy guidelines have been developed by Totally Netball to provide information and guidance for all those participating in netball.

Totally Netball is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all who participate in netball, including those who are pregnant. Playing netball has many health benefits, and current research suggests that a moderate amount of exercise during pregnancy can have beneficial effects. However, netball is a physically demanding game which requires a high level of agility. It also involves a degree of contact and carries an inherent risk of accident and injury, both to the participant and the unborn child. Accordingly, participation in netball during pregnancy is at the risk of the participant.

Whilst the decision as to whether or not to participate rests solely with the relevant participant:

  1. The participant's own health and the health of the unborn child are of paramount importance;

  2. Totally Netball strongly recommends that the participant:

    1. consults with their own appropriately qualified medical practitioner to inform them, on a voluntary basis, of their pregnancy and to obtain individual and specific professional medical advice before participating in netball (both during and following pregnancy), in particular regarding the risks of such participation;

    2. acts in accordance with the medical advice received; and

    3. attends regular check-ups with their medical practitioner throughout and following their pregnancy regarding their participation in netball, adjusting participation accordingly;

  3. The participant will be responsible for ensuring she has appropriate insurance cover for participating in netball during and following pregnancy; and by participating when pregnant, the participant will be deemed to have consented to any risks (including any risk of injury to the participant and/or the unborn child) that may arise from such participation. Aside from liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence, the participant will also be deemed to have waived any and all claims, causes and rights of action against Totally Netball or SENYAD LIMITED.

  4. For more guidance from the NHS please visit the two links below: 


Team Registrations

Registering a team is becoming more and more popular by participants. However, there are some key points which need to be adhered to by being the main registrar of the team:

  1. You agree that you will communicate all of Totally Netball Terms & Conditions, communications, privacy policy

  2. Each individual, within the team, will still need to register

Online Bookings

When booking online through our booking system you agree to paying the full amount of the booking fee in advance.

If you need to cancel you will not be refunded your booking fee.

Photos & Videos - Marketing

When participating in a Totally Netball league we regularly take photos and videos to use for marketing purposes. At the end of each match we also take out photos for Players of Matches and post these to our website and social media platforms.

By participating in a Totally Netball league you give consent to the use of these images and or videos in our marketing material and on social media and website platforms.

If you are a team, club, group or organisation that has a page on social media to help promote, inform or update then we please ask that the following guidelines are considered when posting:

  1. Consider your group/page being private (this entirely depends on the reason for your group/page being set up).  

  2. When posting on public groups please consider whether or not tagging or naming individuals is necessary.

  3. If you wish to use photos/videos etc. to promote your team please consider getting consent from the other teams/individuals before doing so. You may, in some circumstances, need to apply consent forms; especially if you are running a club/organisation.

  4. Please follow the social media guidelines on posting (listed, but not limited to the platforms, below):

    Facebook -
    Instagram -
    Twitter -


We do not want to discourage individuals from posting on social media, as this helps with the awareness, development and growth of the sport.

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