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please read the following before completing the registration form

you will need to register before participating in any of totally Netball's Leagues

Participation in the league is entirely at the participants’ own risk, and by entering the league, players, umpires, coordinators and coaches acknowledge that those involved in the organisation and staging of the league shall not be liable for death, injury, loss or damage arising from participation in the league, save to the extent that it is caused by their negligence. 


Players, umpires, coordinators and coaches should be fit to participate and should not participate with an injury.  If you have any pre-existing conditions or concerns that may affect your ability to participate, you are required to inform Totally Netball prior to playing any matches. All players, umpires, coordinators and coaches are strongly advised to warm up before taking the court, and cool down upon completion of the match.  This will help to prevent injuries.

In the event of an injury to a player, time shall be called and the umpires will stop the game.  A first aid kit is available; however, the umpires, coordinators and coaches will not administer any first aid.  Teams are encouraged to have a first aider in their team.

In the event of an injury to an umpire, time shall be called and the game will be stopped by the other umpire.  Basic first aid will be administered if there is a qualified person available, otherwise the necessary first aid will be requested at the discretion of the coordinators.

By registering with Totally Netball you agree to all the terms & conditions and you are participating entirely at your own risk

For all our Terms & Conditions, COVID-19 Guidance and important information please visit our information page

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