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Tier 1 Therapy Name Change

Totally Netball's longest partnership, Tier 1, is changing... but only in name!

The Tier 1 Therapy team has evolved, they are now AT ONE Therapy and Wellbeing LTD.

And here is some more info from them.

Why have we changed?

Following our move to our freshly renovated premises in Swan Valley Northampton, we had the opportunity to focus more on creating a unique combination of therapy and wellbeing services.

We have moved our focus on providing the best assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation services for our clients. Our new space means we have built something incredibly special for you to access for your health and wellbeing needs.

Not forgetting we still have our partnership with Tier 1 Personal Training to help with all your PT needs.

What’s on offer?

As a Totally Netball member, you have an exclusive offer of a free 20-minute consultation to discuss any injury or concerns. We can talk through what’s going on and offer some initial advice on what to do to help. After we’ve had your free consultation, you can utilise a £10 discount on further sessions.

If you get injured, simply fill in the form on the Totally Netball website.

Or head straight to our website to contact a member of the team

We strongly believe that physical health and wellbeing sit hand in hand. Which is why we’ve welcomed a part-time Reflexologist into our new facility - head to our Facebook Page to read more about the benefits of reflexology, including stress reduction, better sleep, and relief from muscular tension. All of which will no doubt help when playing.

We are working towards securing a highly sought after Psychologist. As well as a designated Doctor offering full health checks, fitness assessments and injections.

What injuries can we help with?

We have vast experience working with netball players. Helping them to overcome their injury, follow a bespoke rehabilitation programme and get back on the courts.

Enjoying sport and life without the worry of pain.

  • Ankle Sprains: Running, jumping, and sudden changes in direction put netball players at risk for ankle sprains. The abrupt movements and frequent stops in the game can lead to the twisting or rolling of the ankle, resulting in ligament damage.

  • Knee Injuries: The high impact nature of netball can lead to knee injuries like patellofemoral pain syndrome (runner's knee), anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, and meniscus injuries. These injuries can result from sudden stops, pivots, and awkward landings.

  • Finger and Hand Injuries: Catching and passing can put players at risk for finger dislocations, fractures, and sprains. Jammed fingers are also quite common due to the fast-paced nature of the game.

  • Shoulder Injuries: Repetitive overhead movements, such as throwing and shooting, can lead to shoulder injuries like rotator cuff strains, tendonitis, and even dislocations.

  • Hip and Thigh Injuries: Strains, pulls, and contusions in the muscles of the hip and thigh can occur due to the running, jumping, and sudden changes in direction required in netball.

  • Back Injuries: The quick direction changes, twists, and jumps in netball can sometimes result in back injuries, including muscle strains and spinal misalignments.

  • Achilles Tendonitis: The frequent explosive movements in netball can put strain on the Achilles tendon, leading to inflammation and discomfort.

  • Calf Strains: Quick accelerations and decelerations can lead to calf muscle strains, particularly if players haven't warmed up properly or are fatigued.

  • Shin Splints: The repetitive impact from running and jumping can cause shin splints—pain along the front of the lower leg due to inflammation of the muscles, tendons, and bone tissue.

The Brains Behind the Operations

Stuart and Ollie are our Directors and Lead Therapists.

When you book an appointment, it will be one of us who will be taking your sessions. We have a combined 20+ years of experience working with and treating people with injuries or concerns.

As mentioned, our services and team are growing. Sam, our part-time reflexologist, joined us earlier this year. She is already building a client base here with us and has settled in brilliantly. So, if you just want some help to relax, feel more balanced overall and calm some anxieties, she is the person for you.

Amy is a Sports Therapy student on her Work Placement year with us. She is shadowing us, soaking up everything there is to know. We love to help the next generation of up-and-coming therapists. This also gives us an opportunity to keep up to date with the latest knowledge and information. You will see Amy down at AT ONE or at the Totally Netball Tournament days.

We can’t wait to help

Obviously, getting hurt and injured is not something we want for people however, it is a reality of any sport and exercise, especially if you are training regularly and competing.

Here, you can find out if we are the right place for you and how we can help you get back to enjoying the sport you love

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