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Totally Netball Partners with Myzone to help participants achieve more with their exercise goals

Myzone is a leading expert in fitness tracking technology. Renowned for their innovative heart rate monitoring systems and an array of related fitness products, Myzone is dedicated to empowering individuals in their fitness journey. Uniquely designed, Myzone's technology is crafted to assist users in closely monitoring and enhancing their workouts, providing invaluable insights into heart rate, calories burned, and other pertinent metrics.

One thing netballers come across with their Smart Watches is the inability to wear them whilst playing netball...

although we know that a lot of players find ways by putting their watches down their sports bra or around their ankles, this does not necessarily give the most accurate readings.

With Myzone's MZ-Switch Heart Rate Monitor ("The world's first interchangeable exercise tracker for the gym, outdoors or in water") players can safely wear the monitor on the chest or arm - with the chest strap giving the most accurate measurements.

MZ Switch Heart rate Monitor
"The love of sport is what drives so many important elements of community. What Totally Netball is doing throughout its network is a shining example of how exercise and competitive spirit combine to drive teamwork and movement benefits for the long term."

David Stalker, Myzone Global CEO:

With a focus on communities, Myzone and Totally Netball hope to create positive challenges within the TN Family which will drive motivation and help people stay on top of their goals for 2024. The Myzone App allows our users to communicate with each other and also push each other in individual and team challenges.

"We are really excited to see what this partnership can do for our participants within the Totally Netball Family. Myzone is focused on getting people active and improving their mental and physical health, which is what we are all about too"

Janice Daynes, Director at Totally Netball

This partnership will give varying discounts for Totally Netball members, and we hope that this will encourage more people to keeping active.

You can find out more about Myzone and hat they are all about by heading to their website or checking out some of their blog posts:

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