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Leamington, Therapy & Fitness Partners with Totally Netball

Warwickshire participants will be glad to know that we have now partnered with a new company that will help players return to the court as soon as possible.

Therapy & Fitness Centre, in Leamington, is a team of sports and holistic therapists offering an array of treatments from injury assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation to sports and deep tissue massage to help eliminate muscular tensions, enhance performance, aid recovery in between training sessions and reduce injury.

This partnership will give injured players an opportunity to get a Free Injury Assessment so that they can understand their injury a bit better. The Therapy & Fitness Centre can then give further advice to the best rehabilitation program if needed.

Previously, Tier 1 was our only Physio partner who offered this service. As they were based in Northampton this solution become difficult for players from further afield to travel there to take advantage of the free injury assessment. Now with Therapy & Fitness Centre on board we can extend this to our Warwickshire players.

Below is an illustration of what happens when someone gets injured participating in a Totally Netball League:

We are currently in conversation with a company to partner with us in Milton Keynes to help with players from Buckinghamshire also take advantage of the free injury assessment.

If you would like to find out more about Tier 1 or The Therapy Fitness Centre, then click on their logos below, which will take you to their website:

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