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Team in Focus - Dreamers

After competing in Division 2, a change of captaincy and a change of name (formerly Jets) was what this team needed to help them be a mid-table team in Division 1 of Kettering Monday.

Here is a look at Dreamers and what they are all about...

A bit about the team (completed by Viv - team captain):

Tell us a bit about how your team was formed?

I joined to help a struggling Div 2 team, the captain left, and players were inconsistent. I took on Captain, introduced some players and continued to build. We won Div 2 and still face the weekly battle for the top half of Div 1. Whole team happy and love the game.

Give us a brief overview of how you are doing in the current season?

Mid table Div 1

What are your teams' main strengths?

Consistent team. All good sports ladies

What three words best describes your teams' style of play?

Competitive, strong, and enjoyable

If you had to place your team in another sport, what would it be and why?

Anything, the girls would give anything a go as a team

What netball rule would you change if you could and why?

To shoot from outside D

Here are some stats from how Dreamers did last season (Feb 2023 - Jun 2023) in Division 1 of Kettering Monday

Points = 65 | Played - 12 | Wins - 6 | Losses - 6

Goals For - 351 | Goals Against - 302 | Winning Bonus Points - 1 | Losing Bonus Point - 6

A focus on the individuals:

Who, in your squad, never misses a match?

Sarah Mellor and myself

Who, in your squad, will not play in the rain?

All hardcore and prepared to play

Who, in your squad, always "misses" the team WhatsApp messages?


Who, in your squad, is the clumsiest?


Who, in your squad, is the person (on a social) who takes it to the 'next level'?


A bit more about Dreamers...

Tell us a funny story involving your team (optional)?

Alice had a few too many drinks and ended up with her head out of her boyfriend's car window the whole way home

Rank, from most to least favourite, your favourite variation of the game?

  1. Power Play

  2. Versatility

  3. Handicap

What do you enjoy most about Totally Netball Leagues?

Its relaxed, and ability to use others means you can always field a team

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