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Sponsorship Raffle

We are currently on the lookout for potential sponsors for all our leagues in the Totally Netball Family.

Cost of living has been rising and rising for a period and everyone has felt the pinch involved with the price increases. Totally Netball has not been immune to the price increases - all the venues we use have increased the costs of hiring the courts and the cost of equipment has increased too. Alongside this we have given umpires the opportunity to develop and earn more money based on their level.

One thing we do not want to do is pass on these costs to our players. Therefore, we are looking for sponsors to help with the costs of running our leagues, and for us to keep providing an elevated level of service.

To give both small and large businesses a chance to sponsor our leagues, we are launching a raffle where companies can buy tickets to potentially win the prize of sponsoring a league.

Companies can purchase tickets for specific leagues. Each league will have its own draw to decide on who wins. There is no limit to the number of tickets nor the number of leagues you can purchase tickets for.


  • Sponsorship for a year (2 seasons)

  • 2x Tickets to the Regional Summer Awards

  • 2x Tickets to the Local Awards Evenings

  • 2x Blog posts, on our website, over the year (1 per season)

  • Social media announcement of sponsorship

  • Your company logo on the equivalent league pages

  • Your company logo on the equivalent league social posts

To enter the draw please follow this link and complete the form:

Available Leagues to Sponsor (per region):

Northamptonshire Leagues (98 teams)

Kettering Monday (12 teams)

Kettering Tuesday (10 teams)

Moulton Wednesday (13 teams)

Moulton Thursday (5 teams)

Sharnbrook Monday (8 teams)

Wollaston Thursday (8 teams)

Wootton Tuesday (9 teams)

Wootton Wednesday (11 teams)

Wootton Thursday (13 teams)

Wootton Sunday (8 teams)

Warwickshire Leagues (82 teams)

Coventry Thursday (10 teams)

Leamington Wednesday (9 teams)

Leamington Thursday (9 teams)

Warwick Tuesday - mixed (5 teams)

Nuneaton Monday (9 teams)

Rugby Monday (6 teams)

Rugby Tuesday (20 teams)

Rugby Thursday (14 teams)

Buckinghamshire Leagues (48 teams)

Milton Keynes Monday (12 teams)

Milton Keynes Wednesday (22 teams)

Milton Keynes Thursday (14 teams)


Each ticket costs £50 | There is no limit on how many tickets one can buy | Winners of the raffle will be contacted directly | Draws will take place on 25th September 2023 | Invoices can be created for companies upon request | We will not issue any refunds | Entries to the draw will only be complete once payment has been received | We will communicate with the winners regarding how to claim their prize and subsequent benefits

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