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Rugby Back To Netball League, Warwickshire

Days & Times

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 19:00 through to 21:00

You may think that you are too old, too unfit or not good enough but, this league is a back to netball league with varying degrees of age (18+), ability and fitness levels. Therefore, you do not need to worry - we always welcome more ladies to join us.

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to join

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We often receive enquiries from individuals who wonder if they're "too old" or "not fit enough" to join our leagues. Additionally, many express apprehension about returning to the game since their school days.

Our leagues are designed to accommodate players of every age (18+), skill level, and fitness status.


Each league has a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, ensuring that everyone feels at ease. You'll seamlessly integrate into the community and rediscover the joy of being on the court after just one session. Before you realise it, your netball team will feel like family. Join us today!


If you have a team, ready to start playing then let's get the ball rolling. There is no restrictions on borrowing players and there are always individuals that would be happy to help your team out.

Teams will need 2 people who will manage the team payments and the team sheets. They will also be the main point of contact for communication between the league and the team.

You can also join as a group. Players often join in pairs or three's and want to ensure they play together. This can be catered for and we will ensure you play netball with your friends while making new ones!

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Send us an enquiry form and we can respond to any questions you may have


Once you are happy to proceed you will need to register before playing


Choose between pay-to-play or have a look at our membership option

Play Netball

We will put you in a team and the captain of that team will take it from there

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