Week 3 - Weekly Update

We are well and truly back in to the swing of things now!

A fantastic week of netball with some brighter weather, albeit a bit cold.

Let's hope next week brings warmer weather as forecasted.


Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone that has ensured they followed the guidelines and protocols - especially with regards to not arriving too early for the matches.


2021 Tournaments

You may have seen the announcement of our tournaments for 2021.

Head over to our tournaments page on our website to get your team booked on -

We already have quite a few teams showing interest and there are a fair few teams already booked on.

Remember we only have limited spaces so get booked on to avoid disappointment.


May Fixtures

We plan to start sending out the fixtures for the next part of our friendlies next week. The captains will get the initial drafts and then once they confirm we will ask them to send out to their players

The next set of fixtures will see the quarters increase from 11 minutes to 12 minutes.

For Nuneaton, this will only increase to 12 minutes when your new set of fixtures start


Spaces for Teams

Since our return 3 weeks ago, we have seen the number of enquiries sky rocket.

Alongside this, some of the teams that decided to hold off returning straight away, are also returning.

Therefore, the spaces left on each of our leagues are limited, with some of them at full capacity.

The good news is, we are currently discussing launching a new day in Moulton and also in Wootton - keep your eyes peeled for these.


Brand New League

We are really excited to launch our new league in Coventry on a Thursday from the 22nd April -

This league is will be played at King Henry VIII School in the centre of Coventry and has already had some keen interest.

Please could you all spread the word so that participants can enjoy playing netball in the same way all our players enjoy their leagues.


Umpire Feedback

The feedback we are getting, especially from our umpires, has been really heart-warming and encouraging.

Below is some of the feedback from our umpires:

"Enjoyed both games tonight thank you to all teams for the right amount of humour mixed with great play"

"Me and Lisa umpired a game between tigers and golden girls black it was really a brilliant and very competitive game to umpire. From start to end I was so excited and I wasn’t even playing but games like that brings back memories. The girls all 14 of them were so lovely and have a great sportsmanship about them especially my little centre from the Goal'den Girls Black. It was intense she was even talking to herself to get more motivated 🤣🤣 please tell them thanks from me and Lisa and I really would love to umpire there games again 💖💖💖💖💖💖"



For those of you who have not had the chance to look in to the comparison of our memberships - see image as an example for April, May & June.

Membership is a great way to cut costs and save the hassle for both players and captains to sort out the money.

More info on our membership can be found on our website -


As always, thank you ever single on of our participants, coordinators, umpires and families that support Totally Netball. You guys are the best and we are very lucky to have you as part of our family!

Enjoy the weekend and the pub gardens.

"It’s not about being the best it’s about being better than you were yesterday"

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