Week 2 - Weekly Update

What a week!! After being teased with positively balmy conditions perfect for netball, we ended up with snow and sleet this week - but that didn’t stop netball from being played.

Once again, thanks to everyone for a great week of netball.

Just a short update today :)



Just a few reminders that are necessary, and some clarification:

  1. Players can only play one match per night and can only help teams in their own bubble So, Team A is playing Team B. Team A has 8 players and Team B has 6 players. A player from Team A can help Team B - they are in the same bubble and the player(s) helping still only play one match that night.

  2. Players are not allowed to wear gloves during matches The coordinators have been informed of the players who need to wear them for medical reasons and these players are aware of the safety protocols involved with wearing gloves. So, if a player is wearing gloves, and they’re not on the list, they will be told to remove them, otherwise they will not be able to take the court. Hope that’s cleared up the issue. If you need to inform of us any requirements associated with gloves please do let us know.

  3. Please do not arrive more than 5-minutes before your match Alongside this, please can all players also not enter the courts until the coordinator/umpire has cleared the courts of previous players.

  4. Wootton venue require participants to wear masks until at the courts

The virus is still around and we need to take every action to avoid spreading the virus. Please can we all remain vigilant and follow the guidelines that are in place.


2021 Tournaments

Only 3 more days until we announce the dates for our 2021 Tournaments...

However, if you are really eagle eyed, you will see that there is a page on our website for the tournaments ;)


Again, we had some great feedback regarding our umpires this week, we love feedback so keep it coming. Above all, keep safe.

"It’s not about being the best it’s about being better than you were yesterday"

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