1st Week back - Weekly Update

The excitement for the return of netball was a real crescendo for all involved.

We cannot begin to tell you how nervous, excited and apprehensive players, umpires, coordinators and even myself, Brett & Lauren were in the week building up to Monday 29th March 2021 - a day that will be engrained in our memories for a long time - the return of netball (hopefully for good)!

Whilst it was a busy week for all involved, it was definitely all worth it!

We hope that everyone enjoyed playing in the first week back after Lockdown #3.

It was lovely to see courts full of teams again, and to see everyone’s smiling faces. There were some great games of netball being played this last week which was a joy to see.

We’ve been very encouraged by everyone’s commitment to ensuring all participants’ safety and the positive feedback we’ve had from so many players - please keep it coming.



I'd personally like to acknowledge the following people involved:


Our coordinators have put in a lot of hard work to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the night. They ensure that all the umpires are up to date, captains are all informed of relevant information and everyone feels safe on the night. Our coordinators are the heart and soul of our leagues and are absolutely brilliant - we couldn't run the leagues without them!


Our umpires have been fantastic with not only the facilitation of matches but they also play a huge role in the safety of our players. A big thank you to all our umpires for your patience, understanding, empathy and commitment.


The captains have a thankless job. They are responsible for (not limited to) ensuring they have enough players, players pay, updating team sheets, ensuring the payments are complete, information is passed on to the teams, players are registered and then leading the teams. Thank you for all your hard work!


Reminder of Protocols & Guidelines

As always, we'd like to remind player of a few things:

  1. If the ball from a match enters another court it must be kicked back please. No-one from the “other court” must touch the ball. If someone does touch the ball:

  2. the umpire must sanitise the ball before it goes back into play, and

  3. all players who touched the ball must sanitise their hands

  4. Please remember to sanitise your hands

  5. before the match

  6. at the end of the quarter

  7. at the start of the quarter

  8. at the end of the match

  9. From Monday 5th April 2021 the quarters will increase to 11 minutes


2021 Tournaments

We have provisionally pencilled in some dates for our Inter-League Tournament and also our Open Tournament. More information on these will be announced on the 12th April - keep you eyes peeled for this announcement!



Lauren has been working very hard at all things marketing - she has really taken our marketing to the next level!

This week we actually hit 1,000 followers on Instagram and we are just shy of 4,000 likes on our Facebook Page - this is hugely attributed to the hard work of Lauren! Lauren has also designed some new Player of the Matches' templates for this week - we hope you have all enjoyed this. This will be a regular feature for special days like these.

We hope you have a lovely Easter break – enjoy the chocolate and spending time with the loved ones you’re allowed to be with and we’ll see many of you on the courts again next week.

"It’s not about being the best it’s about being better than you were yesterday"

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