Totally Netball Partners with Physio & Rehabilitation Specialists

Totally Netball is pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with Tier 1 Training & Rehabilitation - Northampton Personal training and Sports Injury Clinic

Based at the County Cricket Ground in Northampton, Tier 1 offers a Personal Training & Injury Rehabilitation Facility to help our participants perform better, improve themselves and/or, most importantly, recover from an injury sustained whilst participating in a Totally Netball League.

Anyone injured whilst participating in a TN League will be able to utilise the free assessment either in person or online with Tier 1, thereby not limiting participation from players in leagues outside of Northamptonshire.

Stuart Turner, Head of Therapy at Tier 1, who has been a Therapist for over 12 years and has worked with Professional Athletes and Gold Medallists throughout his career, had the following to say,

"We are really excited to be partnering with Totally Netball! Their ethos of 'giving back' is firmly in line with what we, as a business set out to achieve with our clients."
"Being able to offer a free assessment on injuries to the participants of Totally Netball will, no doubt, add to the benefits that Totally Netball offer as well as increase our reach to ladies within the netball community."

Injuries such as Ankle Sprains, Achilles Tendonitis, 'Jumper's Knee', Shin Splints and Back Ligament Sprains are common within Netball and as such it is important that should such injuries (or others) occur whilst participating in any of Totally Netball's leagues, we are able to connect the player with Tier 1 who can then complete a Free Assessment of the injury and inform the participant of the best way to rehab.

Rehabilitation is vital in sports and especially within netball to help players get back to the court as quickly and confidently as possible. However, even more important than rehabilitation is prehabilitation - doing as much as possible to reduce the risk of injury.

Stuart and the team at Tier 1 will be putting together videos and programmes that can be used by Totally Netball's participants before matches as a warm up, and some exercise to do at home.

This partnership is really exciting for everyone involved and will be ever evolving. We hope that all participants enjoy the benefits.

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