Guidelines for returning to totally netball

With the return to Netball only a few days away, we wanted to ensure everyone that we are committed to prioritising the Health & Safety of all our participants.

Therefore, we ask that every participant of Totally Netball reads through and fully understands the general guidelines below, before participating as a coordinator, umpire, player or coach.

Further information on guidance and terms can be found on

For an the latest EN roadmap please visit


Travel for sport and exercise is permitted


Spectators are not permitted at any of the leagues or venues until further notice


All participants must wear a mask when arriving and departing the venue.

Masks can be taken off when at the courts.

Social distancing guidelines (2m) will be in place at all times outside of match play.

When you are not on the court, before, during breaks and after activity the rule of 6 must be adhered to.



Prior to attending any of the venue locations, for a match, each player, umpire & coordinator should assess themselves based on the Health Screening & Personal Risk Assessment shown below

By participating in any of Totally Netball's matches as a player, umpire or coordinator you agree that you have not developed or had any of the following symptoms (listed below in the Health Screening section) on the day of, or within the last 7 days of the match


All players are to arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to the match.

Upon arrival players are asked to wait outside the courts and the umpires will come out to check your nails & jewellery. Once you have been checked by the umpires, players must then sanitise their hands, at the designated sanitiser station, and enter the courts. Prior to arriving, players are asked to ensure they know which court they are playing on and head straight to that court - bibs will be placed at the ends of each court for the teams to use.


Socially distanced "Rock, paper, scissors" will replace the "toss-up". Prior to this captains should communicate, with each other, with regards to switching of positions (where applicable) and how comfortable the teams are with this taking place. We understand that there are participants who have a higher level of comfort than others with regards to playing against different players throughout a game.

Swapping of bibs must be kept to a minimum!

Teams will be given 5 minutes to warm up, the coordinator will let you know at the end of the 5 minutes and at that time teams must take the court for the start of the game

Players are required to sanitise their hands before and after quarters.

At the end of the match players will need to sanitise their hands and decide on an opposition POM promptly.

Players are then required to leave the court as soon as possible.

When leaving there will be a bag where players can put their dirty bibs.

Once participants have left the court they are required to leave the venue as quickly as possible, we ask that you do not hang around.


During the first week back, we will be playing 10 minute quarters - the reasons for this are:

- ease people back in to it - reduce risk of injury

- allow enough time for change overs before and after matches

- get back in to the swing of things

We plan to increase the quarters to 11 minutes in week 2 and then will assess as we go along

At the end of each quarter please follow these steps:

- leave the ball on the court for the umpires to sanitise

- sanitise your hands before touching anything else

- maintain social distancing rules

- sanitise your hands before you retake the court

The main reason to sanitise before and after breaks is a player may come off the court, sanitise their hands and then touch their water bottle - they will still need to sanitise after touching their water bottle.


For those who need reminding on the modified rules please see below or follow the link -

  • 4ft spacing for start of play

  • 4ft marking

  • 4ft position of penalised player

  • Removal of toss ups

  • Removal of idle interactions Umpires

  • Umpires must ensure players are adhering to the rule modifications

  • Umpires must maintain 4ft from players at all times Positions for the start of play

  • All players must not position within 4ft of any other player

  • GA/GD/WA/WD can position as normal at any point along the transverse line but must maintain a distance of 4ft from each other

  • GS/GK are required to start inside the Goal Circle 4ft apart

  • Centres can position as normal but must maintain a distance of 4ft either at the Centre Circle or if the Centre decides to mark at the transverse line


Players will be allowed to help out other teams within their "bubble" but are limited to 1 match per night. A player is allowed to play across multiple leagues. Again, that player can only play for 1 team per night - a maximum of 1 match per night and a maximum of 4 matches per week..

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