Our partnership with Crazy catch!

Another new partnership means more benefits for our participants:

As a registered participant of Totally Netball, you can order any Crazy Catch product with a 10% discount!

Have you heard of the popular training equipment Crazy Catch?

The company designs portable rebound nets for many different sports, designed to test your reaction time and can improve many skills. There are 8 types of rebound nets with different features - they even have handheld ones for those practices which require a partner,

Check out the platform designed exclusively for Totally Netball participants, showcasing training ideas, Crazy Catch products and access to the discount code. Link below:

Netball specific skills that a Crazy Catch can help to improve:

  • Passing

  • Catching

  • Change of direction

  • Speed

  • Agility

  • Co-ordination

On the Crazy Catch website, they have a few challenges and practices you can try! We would LOVE to see your attempts so don't forget to tag us in your social media content!


Even Sasha Corbin approves of the Crazy Catch! Maybe this piece of equipment has contributed to her success...

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