COVID-19 Guidance and T&C's

Totally Netball is committed to prioritising the Health & Safety of all of our participants, alongside avoiding the spread of Coronavirus.

The guidance from both England Netball and the Government is constantly changing however, we are slowly making progress in the #relaunch of the Totally Netball Leagues.

We will continue to follow guidance from England Netball and the Government to ensure that the #relaunch of netball is done in the safest way possible.

Please ensure you are familiar with our normal information:

Our Guidance 


These guidelines are in place for our interim #relaunch until 28th September.

The guidance and T&C's set out below is split in to the following sections:

  1. COVID Officers

  2. Rule Modifications, Umpires & Position at Start of Play

  3. Friendly Matches Format

  4. Safety & Hygiene

  5. Health Screening & Personal Risk Assessment

  6. First Aid

  7. Test & Trace

  8. Social Distancing

  9. Payments & Helping Teams

  10. Get In, Play Safe, Get Out

  11. Disclaimer

COVID Officers

Our assigned officers are Janice Daynes & Brett Daynes.


Rule Modifications, Umpires & Position at Start of Play

  • 4ft spacing for start of play

  • 4ft marking

  • 4ft position of penalised player

  • Removal of toss ups

  • Removal of idle interactions

  • Umpires must ensure players are adhering to the rule modifications

  • Maintain 4ft from players at all tiimes

  • All players must not position within 4ft of any other player

  • GA/GD/WA/WD can position as normal at any point along the transverse line but must maintain a distance of 4ft from each other

  • GS/GK are required to start inside the Goal Circle 4ft apart

  • Centres can position as normal but must maintain a distance of 4ft either at the Centre Circle or if the Centre decides to mark at the transverse line

Friendly Matches Format

Players will arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of their friendly match

There will be a 5 minute warm up time for players to complete their own warm up within their team

Quarters will be 10 minutes long with a 1 minute break in between and at half time.

Each team will be placed in a "bubble" of max 4 teams.

Teams will be put together based on there ability (where possible).

Safety & Hygiene

  • Players are required to sanitise their hands at the start and end of each quarter

  • Umpires/Coordinators will sanitise the ball at the end of each quarter

  • Team talks should be undertaken with social distancing in place

  • Players should, as much as possible, avoid touching the post

  • Shouting is not permitted

  • No sharing of water bottles

  • Bibs should not be shared

Health Screening & Personal Risk Assessment

Prior to attending any of the venue locations, for a friendly match, each player, umpire & coordinator should assess themselves based on the Health Screening & Personal Risk Assessment shown below

By participating in any of Totally Netball's friendlies as a player, umpire or coordinator you agree that you have not developed or had any of the following symptoms (listed below in the Health Screening section) on the day of, or within the last 7 days of, the friendly match

Health Screening

  • Fever

  • A new, continuous cough

  • Any loss or change of your sense of taste or smell

  • Any member of your household or someone that you have been in contact with reported any of the above symptoms in the last 14 days

  • Any member of your household or someone that you have been in contact with tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days

  • Have you been notified by the NHS Test & Trace system that you are a close contact of someone with known COVID-19 infection in the last 14 days

Personal Risk Assessment

The below information aims to inform you if you are of a higher risk of contracting COVID-19.

We strongly recommend you consider the risk to both yourself and others by returning to any Netball activity.

Should you wish to discuss further please email prior to any attendance.

People at moderate risk:

  • are 70 or older

  • have a lung condition that's not severe (such as asthma, COPD, emphysema or bronchitis)

  • have heart disease (such as heart failure)

  • have diabetes

  • have chronic kidney disease

  • have liver disease (such as hepatitis)

  • have a condition affecting the brain or nerves (such as Parkinson's disease, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy)

  • have a condition that means they have a high risk of getting infections

  • are taking medicine that can affect the immune system (such as low doses of steroids)

  • are very obese (a BMI of 40 or above)

People at high risk:

  • have had an organ transplant

  • are having chemotherapy or antibody treatment for cancer, including immunotherapy

  • are having an intense course of radiotherapy (radical radiotherapy) for lung cancer

  • are having targeted cancer treatments that can affect the immune system (such as protein kinase inhibitors or PARP inhibitors)

  • have blood or bone marrow cancer (such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma)

  • have had a bone marrow or stem cell transplant in the past 6 months, or are still taking immunosuppressant medicine

  • have been told by a doctor they have a severe lung condition (such as cystic fibrosis, severe asthma or severe COPD)

  • have a condition that means they have a very high risk of getting infections (such as SCID or sickle cell)

  • are taking medicine that makes them much more likely to get infections (such as high doses of steroids or immunosuppressant medicine)

  • have a serious heart condition and are pregnant

First Aid

Injuries or accidents within training sessions or matches should continue to be treated as wellbeing is paramount.

First Aiders should consider the first aid protocol and see guidance from St Johns ambulance

  1. Either the injured player or a team member should call for ‘time’ if there is an injury.  In some circumstances, the umpires will stop the game, however the severity of an injury may not be immediately apparent to an umpire, so please shout clearly to stop the game.

  2. In the event of an injury, please be aware that the Umpires will not administer first aid.  The game will be stopped and England Netball Rules will be applied at the discretion of the Umpire.  Basic First Aid equipment will be at the Coordinator’s table; however, it is advisable to have a team member who is competent in first aid.  The Umpires will always use common sense when deciding whether to continue or abandon the game.

  3. The league and Totally Netball cannot be held responsible for any injury/injuries sustained throughout the duration of the league, so please ensure that you are covered by your own insurance.  There is no insurance provided by the league for players or umpires.

Test & Trace

Any participants (including coaches, officials, volunteers and others) who have been told to self isolate by NHS Test and Trace as a result of being in contact with a known COVID-19 case, must not attend any netball activity and they should remain at home.


We will follow the protocol in line with the NHS Scheme.

The captain will be responsible for completing their Team Sheet prior to the start of their match (latest 18:00)

Teams will not be allowed to take the court without this being complete.



Social Distancing

Social distancing within any of our friendly matches; before, during and after need to be adhered to

Please see below some changes to the "norm" you may be used to:

  • Nail & Jewellery checks will take place at a distance of 2m or more

  • No pre match, post match or after quarters huddles

  • No "hands in", "high fiving" or handshakes

Payments & Helping Teams

Within a league location, players will be assigned to 1 team until the 28th September. Players will not be allowed to help out other teams in the same league.

Players will however, be allowed to assign themselves to another team in another league. Again, that player can only play for the team(s) that they are assigned to until the 28th September.

We currently offer 3 payment options:

  1. £6.50 Pay to Play​​
    A player will not pay more than £6.50 to play in a match. Should the team have more than 7 "Pay to Play" players than the team will be required to pay a maximum of £45

  2. £40 Per Month (Gold Membership)
    Until the 28th September players who pay the £40 per month option will be able to play across all leagues (1 match per league)

  3. £45 Team Fee
    Teams are able to pay for their match in full

Captains will be required to collect the money, via online payments, from "Pay to Play" players and make a BACS payment to Totally Netball before the start of the friendly match.

Payment details will be sent to the captains prior to the first friendly matches.

For more information regarding our membership/payment options please visit our Membership Page

For the finer detail surrounding membership & payments please see our Membership Terms & Conditions.

Get In, Play Safe, Get Out

This is a concept that England Netball have introduced.

Get In – arrive changed, ready to participate/coach or officiate. Arriving considerably earlier than the session or match time should be avoided. 


Play Safe – safety within sessions or matches must be taken seriously by all and is the responsibility of everyone. Players should encourage and remind one another of the COVID-19 rule modifications and protocols as much as coaches and officials do.


Get out – At the end of any activity all players, coaches, officials and others should clear the court/area straight away and should not congregate at the edge of courts at the venue and should shower/change back home.


By participating, as a coordinator, umpire, player or coach you agree to all the Terms & Conditions above and also our General Terms & Conditions.

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